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Strong Advocates for People in Need

A person facing a serious legal problem can sometimes feel there is no way out.

At the Law Offices of Michael F. White, P.C., our priority is helping people in need overcome their problems so they can move forward once again. We aggressively defend the rights and freedom of people accused of felony and misdemeanor crimes. In the area of family law, our firm guides clients through the divorce process and works to resolve other problems in the most positive manner possible.

Premium Legal Services, Cost-Effective Representation

Clients appreciate our unique and refreshing approach to law. We provide an honest assessment of the legal issues. We pay attention to the client's personal and financial concerns, responding quickly to client questions and concerns.

We proceed decisively and aggressively, seeking a quick, efficient and cost-effective resolution.

Defending Your Rights and Freedom

Our firm handles a wide range of criminal cases, from violent crimes and serious felonies to DWI, juvenile charges and misdemeanors. We are aggressive, knowledgeable and determined to obtain the best outcome possible in every case.

When you discuss your case with a lawyer at our firm, we will provide you with an honest and forthcoming assessment of your situation. You will have the information you need to make intelligent decisions about your defense. Our firm will work with diligence and determination toward obtaining a positive outcome for you.

Resolving Family Law Problems

Our firm applies the same high level of professionalism to resolve family law problems for our clients. While our focus is always on protecting our clients' rights, we realize that a family law problem usually involves a complex web of emotions and family relationships. We will work to achieve a solution that enables you to move forward in a positive manner.

In both our criminal defense and family law work, we are strong advocates for people in need. We want to help you overcome your current problems, so that you can make a better life for yourself and your family.

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