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Violent Crimes Defense Attorney

When the stakes are high, nothing less than a strong and effective defense is acceptable.

The Law Offices of Michael F. White, P.C., has extensive experience defending the rights and freedom of people accused of violent crimes. Our work has included a number of murder trials in Texas courts. We are aggressive and energetic advocates who use all available legal means to fight for a positive outcome for our clients.

A Negotiated Plea or a Trial?

The biggest question in any felony crime case is whether to seek a negotiated plea bargain or a trial. There are potential risks and rewards with each option. Once we understand the nature of the case and the strength of the prosecutor's hand, we will have a frank and honest discussion with our client. We will explain the available legal options and potential defense strategies. Our client will then have the information needed to make an intelligent decision about how to proceed.

Building a Strong Defense

If the decision is to seek victory at trial, our firm will prepare a thorough defense to present to a jury or judge. When it can help our client, we employ investigators and other professionals to develop evidence and undermine the prosecutor's case. We also make aggressive use of procedural motions to exclude evidence and to seek a dismissal of the charge.

Our attorneys are skilled negotiators. If the decision is to seek a plea bargain, we will use our experience to present your case in a compelling and persuasive manner. This can include presentation of mitigating factors to explain the behavior of the defendant.

There are no easy answers in felony cases. We pledge to do everything possible to build a strong defense and obtain the best outcome possible.

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